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Accommodation, vacation or holiday information, activities and adventure in the friendly, secluded paradise that is Marlborough, New Zealand.

Hunter's Garden Marlborough
Hunter's Garden Marlborough is an annual celebration of gardening whose primary purpose is, and always was, to promote the beautiful gardens of Marlborough to the rest of New Zealand - and then the world.

Dig This
An electronic gardening website produced by the gardening gurus
Eion and Ann Scarrow, pictured where they are most at home, in the garden. This site is full of gutsy, down to earth gardening information.

Elleslie Flower Show
The Ellerslie Flower Show is a five day extravaganza of stunning sights, dazzling displays, exciting exhibits, musical maestros and fabulous food.

Weekend Gardener
Weekend Gardener magazine is a do-it-yourself gardening magazine aimed at people with a love of gardening.

Garden NZ
The easy guide to gardening and New Zealand gardens. See all your favourite plants and new varieties, follow up new garden interests, get your head around different garden styles, discover garden experts who talk real people language.

Department of Conservation
The DOC site has information about the protection of New Zealand's natural and historic heritage, how and where you can enjoy public conservation places and how to get involved in conservation.

New Zealand Gardens Online
A site for a new gardener, or a gardener with years of experience. There is something to offer everyone with the latest updates and news from the horticulture, floriculture and related industries.

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