About Us

Based in Blenheim, Morgans Road Nursery Ltd grows and supplies a wide range of forestry/shelter species, New Zealand natives, and ornamental plants to public and trade customers throughout New Zealand.

Established in 1987 on bare land with minimal capital, Morgans Road Nursery now produces in excess of half a million plants annually. Our area of expertise is mainly in New Zealand natives but also in hedging with a variety of shelter and forestry species available.

Our nursery structure includes a 'state-of-the-art' propagation house and other developments designed for optimum plant production and quality.

This includes an an improved root-trainer container that we have modified and is used for most of our stock. These containers are manufactured under contract using our own die.

This specialisation has enabled us to refine production in an ongoing drive to offer the best value possible to our customers. And as our delivery service is nationwide, this type of care means we are achieving our aim in ensuring our plants reach you in optimum condition.


Morgans Road Nursery has always been a family owned business and in 2007 it was purchased by Grant and Donna Robertson. Grant and Donna both started working at the nursery in 2004. With 12 years of industry experience, Grant took on the role of manager and he and Donna then made the decision to move on site, with their family, in 2005.

When the opportunity then arose to purchase the nursery and with a clear understanding of the business, Grant and Donna were more than willing to accept the challenge. Grant and Donna have continued to provide quality stock and the excellent customer service that the business has taken pride in for many years.

They also have great team of people who are part of the Morgans Road Nursery family and are always more than happy to offer their expertise.